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About Our Company

Cybersecurity & IT Services experts that understand your Business Systems

Centauri IQ Service offers expertise in Cybersecurity, IT Solutions, Cloud Services & Staff Augmentation and Implementation -- including strategy, business and technical requirements, architecture and design.

Trusted technology, reliable support and an expansive selection of Cyber services that meet your unique business needs.

Our Manifesto

With our Tech & Touch strategy we have embarked on a journey into the future, transforming ourselves in a way that will strengthen our leading role in the Cybersecurity, Digital Identity, IT & Staff Augmentation Services industry for years to come. It means changing the way we think and work, and it creates the need for a new, strong Centuari brand positioning.

Solutions & Services

Our Featured Services

We have a variety of services as well as the subject matter expertise to offer enterprises regardless of their scale. Our Cybersecurity and IT Services can work hand in hand with your business and help evaluate risks and implement risk mitigation solutions with cutting edge Enterprise Security technologies.

Identity Management
Identity Management is the practice of user lifecycle management and provisioning in your enterprise setup. Whether it is securing your employee's electronic identity or ensuring your resources are safe from internal or external threat actors, our Identity Management solutions provide strong defense to your organization's infrastructure.
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Access Management
Access Management ensures seamless access to your protected resources for authorized users of your organization. We are leaders in designing and implementing some of the most sophisticated SSO and MFA solutions by leveraging the cutting technologies available in the market.
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Identity Governance
Governance, Risk & Compliance is perhaps one of the most critical security practices required by the most enterprises today to monitor and control their IT infrastructures, and mandated by regulatory and authoritative bodies to ensure compliance with their standards and policies. Centauri IQ brings solution designing experience to the table to warrant a comprehensive governance infrastructure to the organizations.
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Privileged Access Management
Privileged Access Management is all about protecting the user/service accounts with elevated permissions to critical network resources. Our PAM solutions when implemented provide organizations, the best pre-emptive line of defense against lateral movement of the threat actors in the corporate network.
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Cloud Identity
When you delegate the responsibility of Identity and Access Management to cloud, you can transform even the most intricate network infrastructures to simplified yet more robust and secure environments. Centuari IQ's niche skillset will help organizations migrate to cloud with relative ease.
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Mobile Security
With plethora of portable smart devices at disposal, it is imperative that business partners and employees would want to access your enterprise network through those devices. Our Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions ensure your company's sensitive is protected against such BYOD networks.
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