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Cybersecurity & IT Services experts that understand your Business Systems

Centauri IQ Service offers expertise in Cybersecurity, IT Solutions, Cloud Services & Staff Augmentation and Implementation.


  • Strategy
  • Business and technical requirements
  • Architecture and design.

Our Manifesto

With our Tech & Touch strategy we have embarked on a journey into the future, transforming ourselves in a way that will strengthen our leading role in the Cybersecurity, Digital Identity, IT & Staff Augmentation Services industry for years to come. It means changing the way we think and work, and it creates the need for a new, strong Centuari brand positioning.


Identity Management


Access Management


Cloud Identity


Mobile Security

Why Centauri IQ Services?

We understand the nature of business and the hurdles needed to develop a security conscience culture within an organization. Having built a number of security programs and matured organizations’ security posture, Centauri is one of the fastest developing security consulting firms.
Identity Management
Access Management
Cloud Identity
Mobile Security
Services and Experience

Industry we serve...

Centauri IQ Services believes in diversification, we are specialized in various products of the IT industry including Application Development & Maintenance.  We would assure you to find a productivity platform which would be suitable to everyone according to their skillset.

Banking and Finance

Financial organizations have their core mission to delight the customers and help them in easy mode of monetary transactions. Centauri’s objective for supporting smarter and secure financial operation.


Centauri helps agencies assess their information security and risk management practices and provide recommendations on the change of policies and strategies in order to significantly improve security posture.

Energy & Utility

Centauri secures clients through around-the-clock security management, monitoring, analysis and response delivered by security experts in world-class Security Operations Centers using a proprietary, next generation intelligent technology platform.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver and fulfill the demands of our clients with...
  • Innovative solutions
  • Utmost dedication
  • Responsibility
  • Honest Commitment
  • Achieve unachievable goals

Our Vision

We assure that our project deliverance would be as innovative and effective as our Project deliverance expert team, who are perfectly trained professionals with an essence of commitment.

Centauri IQ Services believe in transparency, with our insights and dedication and with your zeal to prove yourself Proline Technologies would prove to be the best platform to transform your knowledge into your best technical skills.

Healthcare & Pharmacy

We secure healthcare enterprise by providing solutions and services for application, workstation, network and server security. We help in facing increasingly stringent regulations regarding how they ensure privacy of personal health information.


Centauri enables manufacturing companies establish comprehensive internal controls to protect their intellectual assets and manage the monitoring and controlling of the business intelligence and trade secrets from theft.


We help you tackle the requirements for IT to support mobile initiatives, identity and access management, data security, application security, network infrastructure security and compliance.
Questions and Answers

General FAQs

Reach out to our team and discover what Centauri IQ Services do for your business. Centauri IQ Services develops and implements customer-centric, highly tailored applications. We have been delivering high-quality services for our clients.

Cybersecurity is the collection of technologies, processes, and practices that protect networked computer systems from unauthorized use or harm. Broadly speaking, cybersecurity topics can be subdivided into two complementary areas: cyber attacks, which are essentially offensive and emphasize network penetration techniques; and cyber defenses, which are essentially protective and emphasize counter-measures intended to eliminate or mitigate cyber attacks.

The increasing reliance of our information age economies and governments on cyber (computer-based) infrastructure makes them progressively more vulnerable to cyber attacks on our computer systems, networks and data. In their most disruptive form, cyber attacks target the enterprise, government, military, or other infrastructural assets of a nation or its citizens.

Cyber hygiene related activities for computer system administrators include, but are not limited to, segmenting networks, enforcing compartmentalized user permissions, enforcing strong password rules and bi- or multi-authorization procedures, ensuring that firewalls are properly installed, updating both “white lists” and “black lists”, ensuring that all antivirus and spam ware protection software is properly installed, removing all unauthorized software, ensuring that all firmware and software patches are current.

Identity Management is a process of managing information used to identify users, control user access, determine user privileges, and delegate administrative authorities.

There are several topics that fall under the category of access management:

  • Authentication
  • Single Sign On
  • Federated Single Sign On AKA Federated Identity Management
  • Privileged Access Management AKA Privileged Identity Management