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Access Management System helps protect organizations.

Access Management ensures seamless access to your protected resources for authorized users of your organization. We are leaders in designing and implementing some of the most sophisticated SSO and MFA solutions by leveraging the cutting technologies available in the market.

An access management system can be used to manage and monitor user access permissions and access rights to files, systems, and services to help protect organizations from data loss and security breaches.

Controlling & Limiting User Access

The act of access management is all about controlling user access, which includes tracking and changing authorizations as needed. During normal business use, employees might access, change, or delete data. This isn’t a problem if this use is accurate and appropriate, however, when not monitored properly, it’s all too easy for users to make mistakes or even take malicious actions. Access management seeks to limit the information users can view or change to minimize the chances of improper activity.

Limiting user access in an effective manner can be a complicated endeavor, especially since limiting access too severely can compromise business productivity. It can also get confusing fast. For instance, individual users may be allowed to edit File X but only view File Y. Or, a certain role-based group of users may need read-only permissions for certain types of data and no access at all for other types of data. Every time a user—or file—is added to the system, someone must consider—and apply—the proper access limitations, whether through manual or automatic means.

By adopting a security access management system integrated with your company’s file systems or access control environments, you’ll be better prepared to ensure correct security credentials are assigned across all users.

But even with these systems in place, admins often need a mechanism with which to verify the user settings are correct and the user activity hasn’t caused a data breach. In many cases, admins must provide reports to auditors to show their data security policies are compliant with industry regulations. To help you fulfill this requirement, access management systems allow you to track user activity and perform automated reporting.