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With plethora of portable smart devices at disposal, it is imperative that business partners and employees would want to access your enterprise network through those devices. Our Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions ensure your company's sensitive is protected against such BYOD networks.

Mobile is an irresistable force in our culture. This exciting new opportunity calls for Mobile Device Management (MDM) as well as Security. The best way to approach this? Get the MDM you need, but integrate the security with your existing security operations and infrastructure. The graphic below shows the key considerations Centauri addresses:

  1. Mobile Device Management.
  2. Secure Voice and Secure Text.
  3. Unified Access and Authentication.
  4. Consolidated Security Information.
  5. Event Management.

These days, mobility almost always includes voice. How much of your information users calls are intercepted by adversaries? It likely depends on their role in the organization. Senior executives routinely curtail or even surrender smart phones and other mobile devices when traveling. Given the borderless nature of the Internet and wireless world, the risks are equally great at home. What about finance specialists, bankers, investors, buyers making strategic purchases, and those working with sensitive intellectual property? They all need to discuss important topics in an open and frank manner on demand in order to compete. You must secure the mobile and desktop voice service.

Optimize your Business Operations & Security

Manage the security of your store, business, or other facility—anytime and anywhere—with a mobile security management solution from Centauri IQ Services. We can turn your iPhone, iPad, Android device, or other web-enabled device into a powerful security solution: real-time alerts, remote arm/disarm capabilities, access management, and live video look-in. This approach provides new ways to improve workplace safety, security, and business operations. Discover new ways to better manage your security and optimize your business operations.


Monitor and manage single or multiple locations and respond to unexpected events from any web-enabled device.


Know when systems are armed or disarmed, and change individual employee access from anywhere.


Remotely view live video of current activity and receive automatic alerts when alarms are triggered or other (configurable) conditions are met.