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Protect User & Service Accounts

Privileged Access Management is all about protecting the user/service accounts with elevated permissions to critical network resources. Our PAM solutions when implemented provide organizations, the best pre-emptive line of defense against lateral movement of the threat actors in the corporate network.

Beyond Standard User

In an enterprise environment, “privileged access” is a term used to designate special access or abilities above and beyond that of a standard user. Privileged access allows organizations to secure their infrastructure and applications, run business efficiently and maintain the confidentiality of sensitive data and critical infrastructure.

Privileged access can be associated with human users as well as non-human users such as applications and machine identities.

Privileged access used by humans:

Super User Account

A powerful account used by IT system administrators that can be used to make configurations to a system or application, add or remove users or delete data.

Local Administrative Account

This account is located on an endpoint or workstation and uses a combination of a username and password. It helps people access and make changes to their local machines or devices.

Emergency Account

This account provides users with administrative access to secure systems in the case of an emergency. It is sometimes referred to as firecall or break glass account.

Domain Administrative Account

An account providing privileged administrative access across all workstations and servers within a network domain. These accounts are typically few in number, but they provide the most extensive and robust access across the network.

Secure Socket Shell (SSH) key

SSH keys are heavily used access control protocols that provide direct root access to critical systems. Root is the username or account that, by default, has access to all commands and files on a Linux or other Unix-like operating system.

Privileged Business User

Is someone who works outside of IT, but has access to sensitive systems. This could include someone who needs access to finance, human resources (HR) or marketing systems.

Non-human privileged access:

Application Account

A privileged account that’s specific to the application software and is typically used to administer, configure or manage access to the application software.


As outlined above). SSH keys are also used by automated processes.

Service Account

An account that an application or service uses to interact with the operating system. Services use these accounts to access and make changes to the operating system or the configuration.


Used by development and operations (DevOps) team often as a catch-all term that refers to SSH keys, application program interface (API) keys and other credentials used by DevOps teams to provide privileged access.