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Security Starts with Identity Management!

Identity Management is the practice of user lifecycle management and provisioning in your enterprise setup. Whether it is securing your employee's electronic identity or ensuring your resources are safe from internal or external threat actors, our Identity Management solutions provide strong defense to your organization's infrastructure.

Identity Management Framework delivers a Comprehensive Solution

Enterprises today are moving from traditional environments to cloud at an astonishing pace, allowing businesses to be more agile, efficient, and scalable. This has led to sensitive information being stored casually across multiple devices and servers. In order to restrict access of unauthorized users and avoid data breaches it is very critical to define and manage user identities and access permissions. It can be done by ensuring users have authentic identities and are accessing resources and applications that they have permission to use and by governing and continuously enforcing access setup and robust authorization systems.

Eliminate complexities and time-consuming processes; unify identity management across platforms and environments; and simplify and modernize your identity administration and governance, privileged account management and access control.

A robust Identity Management framework must deliver a comprehensive solution by including key strategies such as:

  • Enabling enterprises to determine and establish the identity lifecycle for all entities.
  • Automatically provisioning access including management of privileged access.
  • Setting up processes for fine grained authorization and delivering single sign-on capabilities across different channels of digital access.
  • Establishing robust processes for governance and compliance with intuitive user interfaces.
  • Leveraging risk-based analytics to gain detailed visibility into access provided and managing user’s ability to get access across enterprise resources.