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Managing Identities, Users, Roles & Permissions in Multi-Cloud Environments

When you delegate the responsibility of Identity and Access Management to cloud, you can transform even the most intricate network infrastructures to simplified yet more robust and secure environments. Centuari IQ's niche skillset will help organizations migrate to cloud with relative ease.

Properly managing identities and permissions for the use of cloud computing platforms like AWS or Azure is one of the first steps when implementing a compliant (multi-)cloud strategy. Centauri offers a simple and secure solution to manage your users and permissions for all cloud platforms used by your organization.

We smoothly and flexibly integrate with your existing identity management systems that have proven to hold their promises in the past. Together, we develop a cloud IAM architecture that suits the specific needs of your organization, respects the regulatory requirements of your industry and enables your DevOps teams to go through a cloud-native onboarding experience when using cloud platforms like AWS or Azure.

Perks for using Cloud Identity Services

It can be difficult for a company to start using Cloud Identity and Access Management solutions because they don’t directly increase profitability, and it is hard for a company to cede control over infrastructure. However, there are several perks that make using this solution very valuable, such as the following:

  • The ability to spend less on enterprise security by relying on the centralized trust model to deal with Identity Management across third-party and own applications.
  • It enables your users to work from any location and any device.
  • You can give them access to all your applications using just one set of credentials through Single Sign-On.
  • You can protect your sensitive data and apps: Add extra layers of security to your mission-critical apps using Multifactor Authentication.
  • It helps maintain compliance of processes and procedures. A typical problem is that permissions are granted based on employees’ needs and tasks, and not revoked when they are no longer necessary, thus creating users with lots of unnecessary privileges.

What does it include :

Single Access Control Interface

Cloud IAM solutions provide a clean and consistent access control interface for all cloud platform services. The same interface can be used for all cloud services.

Enhanced Security

You can define increased security for critical applications.

Resource-level Access Control

You can define roles and grant permissions to users to access resources at different granularity levels.